Helping you pay towards your school fees.

Helping you pay school, college and university fees.
See how you can start earning towards your family’s education fees.

School-Days provides the platform for you to earn Edu-Time Points (ETPs) that you can use to help you pay your child’s school, college and university fees.

How to earn Edu-Time Points (ETPs) for your family’s education fees

Link Up with

When you spend at our Earn Partners, they add Edu-Time Points (ETPs) to your School-Days account. 1 ETP = R1.

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Team Up with
Family & Friends

Connect family and friends to your School-Days account so that they can also collect Edu-Time Points (ETPs) at our Earn Partners on your behalf.

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Boost Up with
Direct Contributions

Boost your School-Days account with your own direct contributions. Family and friends can contribute too.

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Receive bonuses – Take part in exclusive School-Days member promotions and get even more ETPs added to your School-Days account.

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Paying your family’s education fees with School-Days

When you are ready to use the Edu-Time Points (ETPs) you’ve collected in your School-Days account, we will pay your chosen school, college or university directly.

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