How It Works

Our retail tool assits in converting your every day spending into School-Days. Now your petrol, groceries,entertainment and more can all help your bursary grow.

Earn more School-Days by giving Granny, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, friends or cousins a School-Days card linked to your bursary.

Retailers want to build up a bursary with you for your children’s school fees! A big part of what we (TrustEd Bursaries) do, is harness this. So now, the spending that you do anyway every month can be converted into prepaid education – at no additional cost to you!

Each time you shop at our retailers and show your school-days® card, they’ll set aside a bit to add to your School-Days® bursary.

And there’s more: the lifestyle spend of not only parents, but also grandparents, uncles, aunts, or even just friends, can all be pooled together to make the bursary grow so much faster. You can simply invite your family and friends to join you as a support card holder – at no additional cost to them either! All these 'personal supporters' will be linked to your children, and the retailers will allocate even more to your bursary.”

Grow your bursary

To grow your School-Days® Bursary, start using any of our tools to grow the value of your account.